RCFN Coaches

When we tell you that you are coached by The Best, you can have confidence that Our Team will deliver the highest quality Fitness experience possible to you on every visit to RCFN.  We take pride in your injury-free and continual fitness progression.

We Select

our Coaches from long-time RCFN Members who've demonstrated consistency, punctuality, dependability, integrity, competency, and commitment (among many other honorable coaching qualities).

RCFN Coaches' Development Training

As frequent as Drake can manage - focuses on Training the process of seeing and correcting faults in athletes which compromise both their safety and their efficiency of movement. RCFN Coaches seek to provide succinct, valuable and actionable cues for athletes during their WOD at RCFN.



RCFN Coaches' Facebook group

Group forum for RCFN Coaches where we discuss things like upcoming events, safety alerts, frequently-seen faults, and acceptable procedure for correction

Training on Progression yields benefits in Technique as well as Group Discipline

Group discipline demanded by our coaches yields multiple side benefits including safety as well as time efficiency, which does not escape notice from Guest Coaches and Coaches-in-Training at RCFN

RCFN Coaches' Development training includes valuable

First Aid/First Responder Training

historically provided by David Davies & Daniel Wohlfahrt for RCFN Coaches

Next Coaches' development Guest Coach

The Incredible Rob Lawson

Saturday 18 Jan, 2020, Rob Lawson will run a 2 hr coaches development for us. STOKED and looking forward!

RCFN Delivers

If you feel that a Coach has provided an exceptional (or otherwise) experience for you at RCFN, feel free to rate their performance and your experience at RCFN either on Facebook or Yelp.  We take your experience at RCFN both seriously and personally.

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