Coaches Spotlight: Daniel Titze           

This coach has been with us the longest, helping shape and populate RCFN
- may I present: Daniel Titze

Pushing your limits and taking yourself into that really dark place during a workout is nothing enjoyable in that moment but afterwards you feel great...“ 

– Daniel Titze

Ginger: how long have you been coaching at RCFN, Daniel?
Daniel: It's about 6,5 years now - I started in April 2013.

Ginger: and how old are you?
Daniel: I'm 27 years old and from Nuremberg. 

Ginger:  What do you love most about CrossFit?
Daniel:  As an athlete I love to challenge myself. Setting yourself goals, chasing them for weeks or months and achieving them is a great thing. At a time where everything is about being comfortable and constantly making life as easy as possible it's a good feeling to get damn uncomfortable every once in a while. Pushing your limits and taking yourself into that really dark place during a workout is nothing enjoyable in that moment but afterwards you feel great. And what’s very rare about CrossFit (compared to a globo-gym, where everybody is on its own - watching TV or listening to music) is that you do this surrounded by a great community with your friends. 

Ginger:  And what about coaching - what has attracted you to coaching?
Daniel:  As a coach doing the exact same, helping people reaching their goals whether it’s losing weight, training for specific sports or just turning the head off and having a good time after work, is a great opportunity. Being able to make an impact on other people’s lives just as pushing them and help them getting what they want (mentally, physical, social etc.) is nothing you should take for granted, people come and trust you. Every class you're coaching it's not just about helping them getting better technique or pushing them to their PR's; you learn something from your members as well.

Ginger:  Just a few random questions follow for fun :)  How would you describe yourself, "Night owl", "early bird", or "sleep...who needs sleep?"? 
Daniel:  Even if most people in the gym think I don’t like getting up early cause I’m not in the gym in the mornings ;) I actually do get up at about 5.45am but straight off to work, so I can workout in the afternoon with my gym buddies.

Ginger:  What about your ideal meal - do you have one? 
Daniel:  YES! Oh- the question is "what".. I do love food, basically everything and people shouldn’t ask me about my diet, cause that’s nothing they should follow. But to answer my favorite meal, I think it’s Burger with bacon and sweet fries but a lot of other meals as well! 

Ginger:  How about where your favorite place is to vacation & why?
Daniel:  I’m definitely a summer person, so wherever the sun shines and the sea is close I’m happy. Another thing I really like is hiking and biking in the mountains.


Daniel, thanks so much for your time and care in coaching at RCFN!  <3 


+49 (0)911 321 67750

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