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Coaches Spotlight: Jan Lechner           

We are fortunate enough to have a monopoly on quality coaches here at RCFN. Here's another one who has set the bar high for excellence! May I introduce: Jan.

„I get a lot of pleasure providing RCFN members with the fundamental knowledge of how to move better and improve“ 

– Jan Lechner

Ginger: How old are you and where are you from?
Jan: I’m 28 years old and born in Nürnberg. I grew up in a village called Markt Erbach.

Ginger: So what made you decide to start coaching CrossFit?
Jan: I get a lot of pleasure providing RCFN members with the fundamental knowledge of how to move better and improve. Not only during classes, but also during open gym time.

Ginger: What's your favorite workout?
Jan: Murph!

Ginger: What in the hell.....why Murph?
Jan: It’s not only that Murph was my first ever HERO workout in CrossFit that I did Rx'd.  For me there is no greater workout to suffer through with good friends, because for me it represents the ending of a CrossFit year. I’m thinkin about what happened during the last year: what was good, what was bad. ..and about how I can help to improve other people, the box or myself. I’m thinkin about persons we lost and I‘m thankful for all the nice people I met since I’ve started, and for all the friends I made during this time and am especially thankful that you and Drake built this place making you kinda responsible for all the good times.

So Murph is not just a workout for me. I’m appreciating the opportunity to live a good life with great people. The run Pull ups, push ups and squats are just a good addition

Ginger: Holy crap now you've choked me up....that's pretty awesome! So, Jan, if you could only choose one song to play during your favorite workout (so it was on "repeat" the entire time you're agonizing your way through Murph), which song would it be?
Jan: Spirit in the sky – Norman Greenbaum

Ginger: And I have to know what your biggest hobby outside CrossFit is?
Jan: Basically eating and sleeping.

Ginger: Ha, ok, not too complicated a guy then ;) Can you share your advice to someone just starting CrossFit?
Jan:  - Have a good time and make some new friends'
          - Set goals and work on them
          - Respect other members, coaches and the equipment
          - Have in mind that CrossFit is not like any other gym. It's about the community here!

Ginger: And what about any future plans? What do you want to be when you grow up?
Jan: This isn't some sort of short joke.....? I probably won't get any taller...
Ginger: haha!  no, no, no....
Jan: I want to be fit. I want to continue to be fit. And when I'm old, I want to be so fit that I don't need anyone to assist me.  I want to be independent as long as I can be into old age.


Jan, your passion for helping other people along with the example you personally set as a CrossFit athlete make us extremely thankful to have you at RCFN. Thanks for the motivation and positive energy you bring every hour you coach!  <3 


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