Coaches Spotlight: Kristina Kette           

Kristina informed me immediately that brevity is not her strongest characteristic, but what a delight finding out more about her - hope you enjoy the read as much as I did!

CrossFit and RCFN gave so much to me, and I want other people to have that experience, too!“ 

– Kristina Kette

Ginger: How old are you and where are you from?
Kette: I am 33 years young :) -- born and raised in Nürnberg.

Ginger: How long have you been coaching at RCFN? & what spurred you to start coaching?
Kette: I've been coaching at RCFN for about three years. There are a lot of things that spurred me to start coaching here. Somehow it was always fun to me to give knowledge to other people, or to help them to get better. This started with giving private tutoring at school. Later, after school - apprenticeship - and working some years as service advisor for cars in aftersales, I became a trainer for that, focused on communication, product-knowledge, etc. I really liked that job, but, well, let's say after 4 years of doing that, I missed the challenge. Furthermore, the field where I was training was not really my "passion" any more.

So becoming a coach at RCFN was a great way to combine all these things! Also CrossFit and RCFN gave so much to me, and I want other people to have that experience, too! I hated sports at school, I am not so much "the community person", I have "some" issues with my back and joints and people told me I shouldn't even do sports at all... All that has changed so much through CrossFit... Oh sh** - this takes me too far :-)! I could answer this question actually for the whole day... So let's just stop with that: it is fun, it is a everyday-challenge, ... and I like to get the best out of the people I coach - even if they have to suffer a bit for that ;-)

Ginger: Can I ask you a tattoo question? For some people, reasoning behind getting tattoos can be too personal to share on a facebook post.
Kette: that's fine :) ... if I wouldn't want people to ask about them, I shouldn't have gotten them....

Ginger: cool! what is your favorite tattoo you either have or wish you had? (& you can tell us why if you want)
Kette: That's a tough one... Well, one part is easy: there is no favorite tattoo I wish I had. Because if I would want it - I would just do it :)...

And the favorite one that I have? That changes... Most of the time it is the latest one I got! So for now it is 4 stripes of Bacon on my right hamstring with the words "Bacon Life", which is at the same time an homage to a great band called Black Flag. So I killed two birds with one stone. Why Bacon? Well, bacon! That's why ;) But in general I like all of them! Even the ones that are not that fancy, or even look a bit ugly. Because they always represent a certain period of my life. Some of them have a deeper meaning for me, and some don't have that at all and were just out of "youthful foolishness". If you have any questions on that, want a tattoo or need advice for training after a tattoo session - just ask me!

Ginger: what subject was your favorite at school and why?
Kette: Art -- hm,... why?
Ginger: ..because knowing a person better necessitates learning about insignificant-seeming details which yield disproportionately deeper insight into their background and character.
Kette: Well, in my opinion, in Art we didn't have to learn as much as in other subjects (yes, I am lazy). Plus, if you have a little bit of talent, it is kinda easy to get good grades. And also, even if without talent, by having Art as a main subject during my A-levels, I learned that you can turn crap into gold if you sell it in the right way... And English -- because it's fun...

Ginger: how did you first hear about CrossFit, and then how long afterward did you finally decide to try it? Was RCFN your first CrossFit experience?
Kette: Originally I was a free climber since I was 14. Unfortunately I lost my climbing buddy. I tried to stick to it but it wasn't the same anymore, and also I didn't have the amount of time anymore I would need to be good at it, so I had to find something new..

I was about one and a half years at a local gym when one of the coaches there (a former Coach of RCFN) made once-a-week a group training that was "kinda" CrossFit. I really liked it!!! I mean, it was just one hour - but it affected me more than 2 hours "normal" gym or some "body-combat" with shitty music... So after half a year I got curious and asked him if there would be a chance to do that more often. Next thing I knew, I was taking part in the free intro WOD! Instantly I started to do the on-Ramps so I could start ASAP with the classes...
Once I started with the classes I never looked back. I've been taking part in them for around 5,5 years now...

Ginger: what is your favorite music (genre) to work out to?
Kette: I think most of you already know 


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