Coaches Spotlight: Steve Seidl           

Consistently the first one in our Box in the (wee hours of the) morning, this is the professional every Box owner wants on their coaching staff.  Honored to introduce you all to Steve!


– Steve

Ginger: Steve, how old are you and where are you from?
Steve: I´m 35 years old, born and raised in Weiden, but I've lived almost 12 years in Nürnberg now 

Ginger: how would you describe RCFN to someone as briefly as possible?
Steve: Good Question. A couple of weeks ago, a guy who did his first On-Ramp course asked me after the class what the difference is between RCFN and other gyms who offer "kindof Crossfit" like flipping tires and other functional fitness. I told him it's like driving a car. Sure, a Ford Fiesta - Ähm - drives and bring you from Point A to Point B, but driving in a Ferrari is way more fun: you drive so much faster and if there is something to fix you have a great box crew like in the formula one.

Ginger: what are your 5 favorite nouns? (could be "burger" and "french fry" or "laugh" and "love" or "kettlebell and GHD" - you can take this anywhere you want)

Ginger: what has been the best family vacation you've had?
Steve: Best Vacation so far with the Family was this summer in Croatia. So nice. 10 Days Quality time at its best. No Phone (almost) No Facebook (almost), great weather, good food, water was great and spending time with the kids was so awesome. But my all-time favorite Vacation was Jamaica. I visited Kingston couple times and that place is pure magic. 

Ginger: soooo not such a stretch to guess your favorite season, then...? 
Steve: of course summertime.

Ginger: How long have you been coaching at RCFN?
Steve: I started coaching at RCFN in February 2017. Very thankful to you guys for giving me the chance to get better every day as an Athlete (Cardio still sucks, so a lot of room for improvement) and as a Coach. I think i learn every day. 

Ginger: What attracts you to coaching?
Steve: What i love about coaching is a no brainer. I Love it when i teach people for their first time in the On-Ramp and they struggle with an Air Squat or the PVC Stick overhead, and then i can literally see their progress everyday with every class they´re attending . The Enthusiasm and the Ambition they develop in such a short period of time is so amazing. To be a part of that progress, helping them, giving them little cues - for example - just put a little plate under your heel when you try your next Pistol Squat. They try it, get the first one and I get to see their big smile - freaking cool.

Steve! You contribute so much to RCFN, and we are so fortunate to have you as a coach!


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