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Coaches Spotlight: Susanne Beron           

Putting the "example" in exemplary coaching, I'm very proud to introduce Susanne Beron!

Ginger: How old are you and where are you from?
Susanne: I´m 39 years old, and I was born in Mellrichstadt (a very small town about 180 km away from Nuremberg). After moving all across Bavaria when I was younger, I've been living in Schwabach for the past 10 years (I`ve never lived such a long time in one city).

Ginger: How did you find CrossFit?
Susanne: Google!...just kidding. A former friend of mine started at RCFN and told me all about CrossFit. And as my working schedule became very busy, it didn´t leave enough freetime for climbing/bouldering. So I needed something else. Something that allowed me to stay fit, to go "all out" intense in a very short time, and that made me push myself, right after work. Additionally – it couldn´t take too much time to travel there. Luckily RCFN is right on my way to my work (5 minutes by car)!

Ginger: What was your first CrossFit Workout?
Susanne: I forgot, well I may have repressed. All I remember is, that there were a bunch of double-unders and I couldn´t even do one.

Ginger: What is your favorite movement to coach?
Susanne: In the on-ramp I like to teach the snatch, because it is such a complex and technical movement. When you show a snatch in „real time“ in the on ramp, you´ll see a lot of questionmarks all over the heads of the participants. But when you break it down into small steps as we do it in the Burgener warm up, they understand and they get an „aha-effect“ (as we Germans say) – well at least sometimes. It is so nice to see how the participants work on that one movement for an hour, and how they are willing to work so hard to get it.

Snatch is for fun – deadlift is an everyday exercise. In a regular class I like to coach deadlifts. It is one of the best movements we have! Besides the squat, nothing can beat the deadlift as a functional movement, as we pick up things – weather they are light or heavy – every day. And honestly, most people lift stuff wrong with a round back.

Teaching a deadlift is more than just loading an athlete up with heavy weights. I try to emphasize the absolute criticality of doing this movement correctly - the importance of having a straight back when we lift things. I provide a earnest "take-home message": this same movement needs to be used for lifting your kids, drink bottles, and grocerys at home. Learning and practicing this movement provides a hedge against injury and decrepitude. The deadlift gives us coaches the chance to prepare our members for daily life!

Ginger: What was the most daring/rewarding thing you've ever done?
Susanne: Beside CrossFit? …. hm, one of my best things I´ve ever done and I will always remember is an hike to the summit of the Zugspitze. As it is Germany´s highest mountain it is like a „must do“ for mountain climbers. So I did it (twice). It was such an amazing experience.

We started early at 5.00 or 6.00 in the morning. The first two hours you walk constantly uphill in the wood, pitch dark and the only light you have is your headlight. You hear nothing beside your steps until you get to „Höllentalklamm“. This is pretty noisy, but very impressive.

The whole hiking is quiet – surrounded by nature and different types of landscapes: meadow, stones, glacier. We reached the fixed rope route after the glacier. This is pure climbing fun, if you are free from giddiness. If not….well there is no way back.

The hiking and climbing took about eight hours. We had no really long rests. When we got close to the summit after this long way, we were pretty exhausted, but happy to finish this long journey soon. We took the last steps – and then it hit me like a hammer: We came a long and quiet way and suddenly we stood in a crowded place. The summit cross can be easily reached over a small path and ladder from Germany´s highest Biergarten. I was shocked. All the people. A woman came towards me, looked at my outfit and asked: „Did you walk all the way up?“ I just answered „Yes, for sure.“ - That was all I could say


Susanne, you have demonstrated 100% devotion to coaching. Thanks for your commitment and for being such a valuable addition to the RCFN coaching staff!


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