Riginal CrossFit Nürnberg

RCFN Kids Policy

If your children are not scheduled to attend CrossFit kids classes, then you are encouraged to leave them at home — this will help insure that your focus is exclusively on fitness! You are certainly welcome to bring your children along with you, and they are welcome to play in our designated Kids Room, but only when there is not a CrossFit Kids course scheduled.

Your children must be prepared to remain inside our Kids Room for the duration of your workout, and to be able to play independently and under control for their own safety as well as for the safety of our other patrons. Your children are responsible for leaving the Kids Room exactly as they find it – mats and balls stacked properly – or you can expect to stay extra time to place the Kids Room back in order before you leave.

And it should go without saying, but absolutely no gum, food &/or drinks allowed in the Kids Room!!

Thanks very much for your understanding.


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