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14 March 2020


Special RCFN Newsletter

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This isn't intended to be a repetitive blog post. We are not trying to repeat what you already know about the dangers of unattenuated exponential growth of Covid-19. We want you to know the measures we are taking to reduce risk of Coronavirus introduction and its spread here at RCFN. We also have a contingency plan in place to support your workout at home, on an empty arc of beach, or in an empty forest. We urge you to continue to work out as often as you feel well to do so.  This is a perfect time to keep in mind Greg Glassman's guidance to make Fitness a hedge against Sickness.


Fitness is a Buffer against Sickness

Remember Greg Glassman's Fourth Model he used to define Fitness. He placed fitness on a health continuum where wellness must be passed prior to the event of sickness. Fitness therefore can provide a buffer against not only the event of sickness but also its intensity.

In the midst of a pandemic, one should place more urgency and focus into optimizing nutrition, sleep quality, stress-management and fitness training in addition to other lifestyle variables.

Don't Panic, but know your Risk

Your risk should inform your decision of whether to attend community fitness training - or any kind of community gatherings in closed spaces. Here is a super resource for information on Covid-19, which allows you to calculate your personal risk of getting more severe complications. It takes into account underlying health conditions, age group, and sex. The higher your risk, the longer you want to delay sickness onset - no one is immune. The longer you can delay exposure to the virus, the more likely there will be ample resources to support your needs if they are critical.

Toward this end, we've already canceled both our CrossFit4Everyone classes and our Moms&Babies classes, not wanting to compound risk of compromised care for our most vulnerable populations.

Don't Spare the Soap!

..And don't come in if you are feeling sick. Other measures we ask you to take in the interest of protecting not only yourself, but also others who work out at RCFN, include:

  • using hand disinfectant before and after classes (we provide it by 17 March in all bathrooms)
  • wiping down everything you use including barbells, cardio stuff, dumbbells, or whatever you touch.
  • talk to Drake about his special raw milk and whisky preventative measure.

Keeping it Clean

Additional measures we will take to insure your continued health:

  • Until further notice, there are no "drop-ins" allowed.
  • Our coaches are tasked to clean all "high-contact" surfaces several times per day including door handles, toilet seats, and whiteboard markers
  • We will plan 5 minutes extra time in our classes so that there is enough time to clean equipment between classes.
  • Also in the effort to "clear the air", windows and doors will be opened often (e.g. the rolling door in the gym will be opened for 5 minutes between every class). Please dress accordingly.
  • Bags can be brought into the large fitness area, so that there is no need to use changing rooms.
  • We are removing all chalk buckets
  • We will not be offering partner WODs until further notice.

Notes from our Resident Expert

Undying gratitude to Dr. Michael Weiss, who took time out of his schedule on a Saturday to give us a few additional ideas (paraphrased) below:

  • Self-quarantine a minimum of 14 days, if you've just come from an affected high-risk area. 
  • No need for hi-fives following a workout: smiles and jazz-hands will suffice for at LEAST the next few weeks...
  • It is not crazy to be overly cautious and just stay home!!  For example, if you have someone at high risk sharing your household, or if you have a key position in the fire brigade or in health care (just for example), you are under a professional obligation to exercise special caution so that you do not put vulnerable populations in danger!  
  • From the BZgA, a great link in German to better inform yourself: http://www.infektionsschutz.de/coronavirus-sars-cov-2.html 
  • Here also in German, an excellent explanation of why it is so important to slow the spread of the virus. Michael explained that all his collegues have received this link for mandatory reading:




If you'd like an illustration of what exponential growth looks like using the English language, here is an awesome link. It mimics the "Rice on a Chess Board" analogy used by Süddeutsche Zeitung (in the link above), but instead makes the analogy of a water-tight Football Stadium filling with water. You are handcuffed to a seat at the top of the Stadium.....it is 1pm.....if drops of water double every minute, how much time do you have until you drown?   https://modernsurvivalblog.com/pandemic/mindblowing-exponential-growth-of-a-pandemic/

Time to take COVID-19 seriously, if you aren't already.

CrossFit Boxes have closed in other cities in Germany - it could also happen here.

Keep an eye on this website, to get the latest news about Covid-19 progression in Nuernberg.  We will provide @home videos, online coaching, immune strengthing ideas/recipes, and outdoor workouts to help maintain fitness and health for members unable to attend classes at RCFN.


Questions about any of this?  Let us know via email or facebook messenger if you aren't coming to class.

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