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14 September 2020


Your September Newsletter

Providing the latest news about what's going on at RCFN.


Hey Team! Here is our end of summer Newsletter to keep you up to date on what has recently happened and what exciting things we have coming up soon.



New Equipment

If you haven’t already noticed, we have upgraded our entire bumper plate collection from the OG RCFN Eliko set to the new Rogue RR Bumper Plates. Not only are they fresh and clean, but they are thinner and more dense, which means you can load more plates on the bar and they also don’t bounce as much when dropped. The new 5 kg plates are a bit prone to breaking when they are alone on the bar and dropped, so please take care and bring them to the floor a bit more gently.

We have also upgraded several of the Pull-up bars with new Rogue units that have more grip - so no more slipping off the bar with sweaty hands!


Staffing Changes

As most of you most likely know, Kette, one of our long-time team members and coach has left RCFN and moved on to a new position as Head Coach at CrossFit Ikigai here in Nuernberg. We all wish her the best of luck and success in her new endeavor! With this, the points of contact for you, the members, have shifted. If you have any questions or concerns about your membership, account, the facility, equipment, other members, coaches, etc, please reach out to Steve or Joseph.


We are hosting some Seminars and Courses in the upcoming months and will have the following adjusted operating hours:

Preferred CrossFit Course - The Gymnastics Course Oct 3 - 4

  • Saturday Oct 3 
    • Express WOD 0600-0700
    • Open Gym 1830-2030

Preferred CrossFit Course - Bergner Strength Oct 17- 18 

  • Saturday Oct 17 
    • Express WOD 0600-0700
    • Open Gym 1830-2030

CrossFit L1 Nov 7 - 8 at RCFN

  • Saturday Nov 7 
    • Express WOD 0600-0700
    • Open Gym 1830-2030

New Classes:

We will be adding to the schedule some specialty classes focusing on basic to advanced level Gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting. We will substitute the last class on Thursdays from 1830-1930 for the specialty courses starting with Olympic Lifting for a few weeks and then will alternate between the Oly and Gymnastics Classes every week. Ask Steve or Joseph for more specific details if you’re interested.

For the younger CrossFit athletes in your life, we are now offering the following classes:

Moms / Dads and Babies Wednesday’s 10:00-11:15

CrossFit Ninjas ages 3-6 Saturday 11:30-11:50 

CrossFit Kids ages 7-11 Saturday 12:15-12:45 

CrossFit Teens 12-18 Thursday 17:00-17:45 and Saturday 13:00-13:45

Some of the classes may be divided into two separate classes each with a coach depending on the ages of the young athletes participating that day. Be sure to create a Mindbody account for each athlete and sign-in for them using that account.

Friday Night Lights:

Craving a little bit of competition, beer and food or just want to hang out and make new friends? We will be hosting an in-house monthly throwdown on the first Friday of each month from 1830-2130. We will have a couple of workouts and the grill will be running for a post WOD BBQ. There will be a sign-up in Mindbody just as if you’re signing up for a regular class so we have an idea of who is coming. As always, bring a dish and a beverage if you’d like to partake. This is also a good opportunity to introduce your family and friends to your CrossFit community where they can participate in a workout in a low stress and social environment.

Referral Program:

We are launching a referral program for our members to support the healthy growth of our community. If you refer a person to the gym who stays as a member for 3 months (after their initial trial month) you will receive one month free. This is not only good for brand new members to the gym, but also if you bring someone back that hasn’t been a member for at least the last 6 months. 


We have changed the On-Ramp structure a bit to create a more concise and efficient way for new members to learn the fundamental movements of CrossFit and join the regular classes sooner. We will be hosting them on Tuesday and Thursday as before, but there will only be 4 classes instead of 6, and we will swap between morning classes and evening classes every two weeks.


Ahhh the parking conversation. So now that we’ve had a little reset period, the parking in the rear of the box will be open for all members. Most class times throughout the day do not have any difficulty finding parking in the front of the box. If there is something available there, please take it first and use your fitness to walk the extra meters to the box. The noon class has the most competition for space with the surrounding businesses, so if needed please park in the rear. Regardless of where you park, you must enter through the front door, not through the rear. And finally, if you do park in the back - be sure to actually park inside the designated lines. We’re only going to give it a one-warning rule since we are all pretty versed in the parking failures of the past.

Gym Cleanliness

Let's be sure to continue to practice good hygiene and cleanliness. Clean all of the equipment you use for the day, wear your masks in the designated areas, and thoroughly wash and sanitize your hands. We will also go back to using the lockers to store your gear again instead of bringing it into the main gym. Let’s keep the box a designated space for good health.

Rogue Order

Joseph will be placing a group Rogue Fitness order at the end of the month. If you have anything you’re interested in and don’t want to pay for shipping, email him at joseph@rcfn-training.com. Suggested items include: your own jump rope, grips for the pull-up rig, gummi-bands for home mobility and accessory work, beer bottle openers, sick t-shirts, etc. Oct. 1 is the deadline to get on the order. If you have any questions or need suggestions, just hit Joseph up.

The Open 2021

We have had interest in creating an event next year for the 2021 Open to either have an in-house competition, or to include our neighboring boxes in a little friendly battle. If this is something you are interested in participating in, look for a Facebook members group Poll in the coming weeks and cast your vote.

InBody Scan

What gets measured can be subsequently and systematically improved. At RCFN you have the very best tool in the business to monitor the success of dietary changes or alterations in your current exercise and training plan. More details about the InBody measurement method are posted here: https://www.rcfn-training.com/angebot/inbody-570-body-composition-measurements/  As explained in the link, price is 20 euro for members per individual session or 15 euro per session with purchase of a 10-punch card. Feel free to google the InBody service offered at other CrossFit Boxes for comparison. It’s an extremely good value for the price! If you are interested, be sure to reach out to Ginger to set up an appointment for measurement with or without personal consultation.


Let’s make the remainder of 2020 a great one for ourselves and each other. As always, drink lots of water, eat healthy food and get enough sleep. Catch you in the gym!


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