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16 January 2020


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Deadlift every Thursday! If you do not know your 1RM DL you will find it tomorrow and then catch up with everyone else in the following weeks. 

The Warm up will be DEADLIFTS, the WORKOUT will be DEADLIFTS and then there will be accessory work that we introduced last week. You should know how to do the accessory work in the following weeks; we will not have time to do it all. So if you want to maximize the affects of this program YOU must put in the work on your own after class in the OLY room.

If you want to get the optimum results outta this program you WILL ONLY DEADLIFT on these days, with no other training these days. Lift heavy and get stronger!!!!  Adding a "METCON" these days will only decrease your adaptation, and you will not see optimal effects. If you already know your 1RM, please go to this website and calculate your numbers:

Create your Deadlift Cycle


ROMWOD is back!

We now have an Apple TV with the ROMWOD App on it.

The remote controlls for the TV and the Apple TV are in the RCFN office.

Please bring them back after you've used them!

Thanks! Now, get swole and flexy.

Closed Business Days

Saturday/Sunday: 28-29 Feb Open but Oly room and ROMWOD room closed for Red Pill Seminar

Wednesday/Thursday: March 11-12, There will only be classes at 05:30/06:30/12:00 and 17:30/18:30/19:30 for Advanced Concepts Seminar

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