Riginal CrossFit Nürnberg

16 March 2020


Update on What's Happenin' 


Our deepest gratitude to everyone who is sticking with us despite the fact we are now forced to close our doors. We will work hard to insure you get a good return on your investment with RCFN!

We have discussed today how best to proceed over the next weeks for members who choose to stay with RCFN, and are excited to present our ideas to you here. Everything described below starts on 18 March with the exception of Equipment Loan which we will provide tomorrow (17 March).


Daily WODs online

RCFN Coaches will take turns posting daily workouts with videos which provide recommendations on warmup and stretching, along with demonstrating movements contained in each workout. We plan to design the workouts like a normal class at RCFN. The workouts will be structured to accomodate any environment you could be potentially using (home, park, beach).

This is meant to be interactive; we would love for folks to post their scores or impressions of the experience online!!

These workouts will be posted/linked on the Facebook members group. For those who do not have an account with Facebook, shoot us an email, and we will insure you get all the same information. Our recommendation is just to temporarily get an anonymous Facebook profile so that everyone can experience online interaction, but of course the choice is up to you all!


Additional Video Instruction

Besides daily workouts, our coaches have more goodies planned for all members who stick with us through this time

We will offer Joe-WOD, which will provide you with longer stretching routines for those up to the agony. 

We will often post a "Chain Fonda" Challenge, which will consist of challenging holds, midline work, inversion, & more stuff everyone sucks at. 

Ginger will provide daily tips on optimal nutrition, in the form of videos, recipes, and written explanations of how different food combinations can accomplish different goals for body composition. Additionally, she would love to research and answer any of YOUR burning questions on a nutrition-related topic.

There will be other surprises as well over the course of the next weeks - we will work our asses off to make it as interesting and entertaining as possible for you guys.

Equipment Loan

On 17 March, and on 17 March ONLY, we are providing specific times for folks to come check out a piece of equipment. For those with access to condo, apartment or other gyms, please use that equipment instead, due to the fact ours is limited.

This loan is cost-free. Because we need some insurance for its return, if you don't have a SEPA account with us, let us know and we will work something out. 

Times are following on a "first come, first serve" basis:


Material that we offer for loan includes (1 per person):

Med Ball

Community Assistance

Anyone at any time who gets ill and needs assistance is encouraged to reach out to us at info@rcfn-training.com. This could include assisting with shopping (food or medication). We can put you in touch with other members or coaches able to help. We believe getting through this hardship will only make us stronger.

Community Workout

Although RCFN is unable to organize a group of people for a community workout, you are free to organize amonst yourselves! Small and nondescript groups are probably best, either to do our daily recommended workout, or one you come up with on your own. Keep your eyes open for conversations about community workouts in the members group, and spontaneous meeting invitations.

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