2 October 2019


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The Open 2020

The CrossFit Open is just around the corner! 

Like the years before we will do the open Workouts in every class on Friday! So come prepared! Meaning, check out the WOD and the rules before and warm yourself up so you're ready to go when we start the class. There won't be redo's on Mondays this year. So if you missed the WOD on Friday, you can do it during open Gym time if you organize yourself a judge. 

Make sure to submit your scores asap! 

Judges: please be around to help as often as you can.

You are not signed in yet?! Then, let's go!

Lift Big/Eat Big Fest at RCFN

On Friday 1 November 2019 we will have another get together/competition. Here is the tentative plan (I am only writing this as Kette made me). We will start the 1st WOD at 0900 and will finish NLT 1500. There will be somewhere between 1-5 WODs with a mix of both team and individual events. I will tell you one event ahead of time so you can prepare. The last event of the day will be the beer mile! See the rues here.

Additionally we will be doing a Pig Roast that day, yes that is correct we will buy a PIG and Marko Vukasovic will roast it for 12 hours before we can have a feast!  Here is the deal, we will charge €7 per person for the pig and we will publish a google spreadsheet for people to sign up and and bring side dishes.  Marko will be putting some recommendations on the sheet as he wants you make sure we have some Veggies to grill. The plan is to start serving Pig at about 1500!

Please feel free to bring Friends and Family for the Pig Roast but only members are allowed to do the WODs. I will be adding a sign up sheet on MB and will post in the FB group so we know how many to expect!

Looking Forward to a great event!

Closed Business days


October 26th, for CrossFit Level 1 Seminar

November 2nd, for Advanced Oly Seminar 

December 21st, for CrossFit Level 1 Seminar

Express WODs will be posted shortly before

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Welcome to our new Members!

We also want to use the Newsletter to welcome our new members! If you are a RCFN long term member, please take the time to say "hi" to them. As this is our first Newsletter we introduce you to the names of the new members since July 1st. 

If you are new and don't find your name on the list: maybe it is because you are still in your 1st 30 days ;-). 

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