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Talk with your Doctor about Working with RCFN Fitness/Nutrition Coaches

by Ginger Sladky

....So where does RCFN fit into the Nuernberg Health Picture?

We can support the diet, lifestyle, and behavioral interventions which Doctors
and other Health Practitioners prescribe to patients

We are the missing Piece!

We are the "missing piece" - we're change agents - we tenaciously enforce consistency & accountability -
and we take our members’ health personally.  Our success depends on it.


Conventional medicine is not designed to support the prevention and reversal of chronic disease

  • In 2015 the cost of illness due to preventative diseases was responsible for the vast majority of the 338.2 billion euro in Germany spent on disease care^2. Most deaths in 2016 were from preventable illnesses attributable to lifestyle factors^3.  Statistics show drastic worsening of chronic disease rates in recent years^1.
  • Over 85% of chronic disease is caused by environmental factors including diet and lifestyle^4.  We are well-trained in optimizing results in these areas, and along with other fitness trainers and nutrition specialists, can play a key role in reducing the burden of chronic disease both on individuals and on their employers in this community.

Our mission is to help clients reclaim vibrant health through lifestyle alterations which include sleep optimization, stress management, fitness prioritization, and nutrition-dense food source maximization.

Our focus is helping busy people make smart choices when they feel overwhelmed by information or time pressure.  We don’t just tell people what to do, we empower them to lead the way through every step of their own progress; we explore limiting factors slowing their advancement while focusing on building sustainable long-term habits.

We need more close relationships with Functional Medicine practitioners and Physical Therapists in the area. We are trained to support their diagnoses and treatment protocols, and can better insure patients’ adherence.


Work with Us!


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