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The Game Changers: Does it really Change the Game?

by Ginger Sladky

No.  Overall, arguments are presented with one-sided bias and anecdotes are presented as dependable. Research cited is epidemiological, cherry-picked, and/or misrepresented to support bias.

One of the researchers who found that his own research findings were misrepresented in The Game Changers documentary was Dr. Ryan Lowery.  He evaluates The Game Changers' main arguments on his blog site https://ketogenic.com/debunking-the-game-changers/ and with his video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuMoEnqd3EQ

He brings clarity to some oft-cited but erroneous pro-vegan claims.

There are plenty of erroneous claims out there regarding sustainable nutrition and what fuels us optimally, and obviously not just from the pro-vegan side.  We need to keep the conversation open, and call out sources of misinformation from all sides.

Below (source is linked to the picture), Registered Dietician Diana Rodgers corrects a protein comparison meme of meat and broccoli:

Diana Rodgers is doing a fantastic job setting the record straight on protein - Dr. Ryan Lowery references some of her research in his blog & video linked above.


I agree with Zoe Harcombe, PhD recently featured on CrossFitter & Medical Doctor Julie Foucher's podcast http://juliefoucher.com/2019/10/zoeharcombe/ EAT REAL FOOD is the first and most critical principle.


Here is another critique of The Game Changers by Menno Henselman. They point out what many have pointed out: "vegetarians and vegans don't consistently have better overall health than omnivores" along with many other supported critiques of the documentary.  They believe there is no incentive to cut out animal protein sources ("for your health or physique") unless you have ethical grounds for doing so.

They end by concluding:

"If you’re an ethical vegetarian, you’ll have to put in a bit more work than omnivores to get the same results from your efforts in the gym...However, with meticulous attention to the diet and strategic supplementation, you can likely achieve equivalent results as meat eaters...."

...and then they throw up before/after results after just 4.5 months of one of their vegan clients:

It is possible to put muscles on a vegan. And/or sustain the musculature of a vegan.  This wasn't a novel idea we learn from The Game Changers. But any claims that a vegan diet offers superior health, longevity, muscular strength, and reproductive ability simply aren't supported by research and are disingenuous to present as fact.


22.11.2019 Update: Great Podcast with Chris Kresser on Joe Rogan discussing The Game Changers here.

Chris Kresser has posted the Research he used to prepare for that Podcast here. On request at that website (with your email), Chris Kresser will send you his Show Notes. I don't know of any more comprehensive collection of research arguing in defense of ethical omnivorism (the wisdom of consuming nutrient-dense plant and animal foods) on the Internet.

6.12.2019 Update: Another Joe Rogan Podcast this time with James Wilks (The Gamechangers producer) and Chris Kresser. It didn't change my mind about the health benefits of eating meat with plants. James Wilks is a better debater, but lacks substance behind his arguments (as far as I have looked into). I agree with Dr. Masterjohn's assessments

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