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The RCFN Nutrition Challenge is cost-free for RCFN members. We are swimming in an epidemic of Chronic Disease, and refuse to charge our members for their right to access basic knowledge about what food best fuels their bodies. It is no exaggeration to report we have changed hundreds of lives with this program since 2012.
RCFN is a lifeboat. #CrossFit

Fewer RCFN members took part in the 2019 Nutrition Challenge (n=13) perhaps due to the fact we charged a "Participation Fee" (they had to "participate" daily in a facebook group with at least 1 post in order to get their money back at the end of the Challenge).  But we had a fantastic time with a lot of lively conversation! This chart captures the before/after data of the group's success, although somehow I've got the Systolic and Diastolic BP pulling from the same datagroup.  Look at the numbers and not the graphs :)  Focusing on meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar, the 13 lost a total of 18.75 inches off their waist in 30 days. Six who would not have passed physical standards for military service before the Challenge, passed by the end. We are not doing anything radical - we are eliminating inflammatory refined/processed foods/carbohydrates & industrial seed oils for 30 days, maintaining CrossFit, while providing group support on a public forum. The 30 days were cost-free, but some participants donated their participation fees: we sent a total of 200 euro to the Foundation for Metabolic Cancer Therapies at the conclusion of the Challenge. https://foundationformetaboliccancertherapies.com/

The time to realize that you are not a child anymore and you can’t just eat everything you want is come. When I was 20, I started to gain in weight. It wasn’t that bad; I am 177 cm high and my weight was 55 kg. So when I become 60 I thought that I reached my normal weight and now just don’t look like a skeleton anymore :) But with time I had 65 kg (also wasn’t that bad, but I thought that it’s not normal, because I did Cross Fit all this time) and finally… last October I moved to Germany and reached my 70 kg in a few months after that, which was really scared, because this process doesn’t stop (now I am 22). But the fact is I clearly understand that the problem was my nutrition (at least after I moved), because I started to eat much more sweetness, drink alcohol and order too much food online, I also understand which facts were causes to it, but it doesn’t matter that much. I tried to cut off sweetness several times with mixed success, so I didn’t see the result I wanted to see. So, when Ginger posted the info about the challenge, at first, I was really surprised and motivated to be in, but the second thought was “it can’t be for free and I definitely can’t make it possible for me”. But I decided to read the introduction anyway, and you can’t even imagine how happy I was when I read that I can participate for free! It was really the only chance to me, so I started the challenge with others a month ago without any doubts. At first there were a lot of information and it was difficult to “save” it, so I just choose several “allowed” products and consumed only them. The first week was hard, but not the climax. I had a desire to eat something sweet, sweets were everywhere. You know, when you try to avoid something, it follows you everywhere? It was exactly that case. Besides, planning was hard for me… You have always to think in advance what do you need to buy, to cook and what and when you will eat. With study-working regime when you likely come to the gym twice a week it was really really hard… The hardest days were 10-14. I haven’t an idea about giving up, but the desire to eat something which is not allowed increased a lot during these days. But to be honest it wasn’t that bad, because likely during the challenge I didn’t have any physically or psychically symptoms I noticed. So, it was the worst for me – the desire to eat something I can’t. And then came the “phase of acceptance” and the last two weeks I lived almost without thinking that I have a challenge to survive. My new nutrition becomes a new habit. And now the challenge is over and when earlier I thought about what I’ll eat first when it’s over, today I just spent a day as usual and just eat protein bar after WOD :D

Thousands thanks to Ginger Sladky for the idea, for the time you invested into us, for your researches, for motivation, support, for new experience and for new views about nutrition [and my English skills btw]. It was much easier to do the challenge together with all of you guys who participated! Alone I wouldn’t make it… Thanks for your support, shares, thoughts and recipes! I can’t say I’ll follow “the rules” strict further, but what I can say exactly – I want to change my nutrition more than for 30 days and to think more about what I eat. No doubts I am satisfied with the results and here are some numbers to compare:

My weight at the beginning of the challenge was 69,5 kg and at the end only 65,1 kg!

My baseline test score of 500 m row, 40 air squats, 30 sit-ups, 20 push-ups and 10 pull-ups (push-ups scaled with knees and pull ups with a band) was 7:06 at the beginning and only 5:50 at the end!

I am happy to be a part of our awesome community <3 

- N. S.

I was a real sweet tooth and could not do without sweets such as gummy bears or chocolate. Including beer or wine was one of them, as well as Diet Coke. Many would say that it is normal and healthy. When I started about two years ago Crossfit something that my diet was okay, but not quite paleo. Physically I was fit and far from being overweight. Still, I wanted more, and the "soft" parts I have around the belly get away. My problem was my work situation. I work in the training and our services include catering for the seminar participants. The problem: It is everywhere (!!!) food - from sandwiches, over cereal, to cakes and biscuits, even ice cream. I was sick one day to sneak through permanent training center here and there and take what, and then eat it at the desk......Since it was not about weight loss in the Challenge, I was also a little surprised or upset that my weight did not change. I have never before weighed (in the last 12 months, three or four times). Also, the other data had (Hip length etc.) not really changed. BUT: the before and after picture showed make a considerable difference. It now first appeared abdominal muscles that were previously well hidden and the waist is narrower. Pretty cool.....

– S. B.

No words needed....  This picture testimonial STILL holds the record for greatest number of clicks after we posted it on our Facebook site.... 30 Days changes everything.

...Nachdem ich in diesem Jahr die 5. Runde mit Ginger Sladky absolvierte, hatte ich aus den letzten Jahren einiges gelernt. Diese Erfahrungen veranlassten mich sehr genau an die diesjährigen Regeln zu halten und weitere hinzuzufügen. Ich verzichtete zusätzlich auf Eier, Nachtschattengewächse und Ghee/Butter. Anfangs wusste ich nicht ob ich ohne Reis und Kartoffeln durchkommen werde, doch meine Sorgen waren völlig unbegründet. Ich nutzte andere stärkehaltige Gemüsesorten und mehr gute Fette und fühlte mich schon nach ein paar Tagen nach dem Start sehr gut. Ich hatte absolut keine Probleme zu verzichten. Nach der zweiten Woche merkte ich dann, dass stressige Situationen Zucker verlangten oder bestimmte Emotionen eine Flucht in Essen verlangten. Das war einerseits schwierig zu überstehen, andererseits eine wichtige Erfahrung für mich. Im Laufe der 30 Tage fühlte ich mich generell leichter und meine Gedanken wurden ruhiger und ich wurde entspannter. Ich startete ja mit Schulterschmerzen und hoffte, das die Schmerzen sofort verschwinden würden, was natürlich nicht zutraf. Dennoch bemerkte ich eine deutliche Verbesserung. Dies und eine verbesserte Verdauung zum Ende der Challenge ließen mich entscheiden noch 15 Tage länger durchzuhalten. Nach nun 45 Tagen fühle ich mich rundum gut und gesund. Ich habe mich am Ende nicht gewogen weil das für mich nicht wichtig war, sondern dieses ruhige gesunde Gefühl geniesse. Die Wiedereinführung der Nahrungsmittelgruppen war spannend für mich und brachte weitere neue Erkenntnisse. Das wichtigste waren die täglichen Informationen, die mein Wissen zu einem gesunden Lebensstil erweiterten. Ich freue mich schon auf die nächste Runde. DANKE Ginger Sladky & RCFN....

– B. S.

Dear Ginger, Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the nutrition challenge again. I didn't give you a feedback last time so I'll write my experience for both challenges. First, I'd like to say that I heard about LCHF diet 8 years ago and was very sceptical. Than I read a book written by Anita Supe (trues and lies about food), leading Croatian LCHF/paleo protagonist. I decided to be open minded and try to see if her claims were true (also bought her LCHF cook book). Results were above my expectations. My cholesterol level became normal first time in my life, energy level was constant, my body reshaped with only 3 hours of workout per week (i never worked out less and looked/felt so good). At one point i transferred to Paleo and tend to follow rules 90% of the time (this 10% is connected to business travel, birthday dinners and PMS days). So even before the first challenge i wasn't eating grains (gluten or non-gluten), potatoes and sugar (occasionally i used xyilit, coconut flour, sugar or honey) and i ate fruits very limited. First challenge was very difficult for me. Measurements before/ after: weight:69kg/66kg neck: 33cm/32cm waist:77cm/71cm hip:101cm/98cm Compared to my usual diet I was supposed to drink straight black coffee, give up cheese, kefir and occasional glas of wine and i thought it's gonna be a piece of cake. After 5 days and keto flu (headaches) I started having those very realistic dreams about food, me eating food that was forbidden in the challenge. Those dreams were so real that few times i had bad conscience thinking i really cheated. i was even dreaming about food i don't like at all. That proved me what kind of influence the brain has on our eating habits and that often we think our body needs something but it has to do with the mind not our belly. When "tiger blood" period came i felt i could conquer the world, full of energy and felt excellent. In introduction phase, I decided not to introduce grains (i know i don't tolerate them) and went with legumes, dairy, peanut and corn (i adore nachos-that's my favorite PMS junk food). Results were following: had reaction on legumes and corn (didn't surprise me) but i also had a reaction on peanuts which was a surprise as i was eating peanuts and peanut butter on a regular basis and never noticed any reaction before. Finally, I remained drinking straight black coffee in the morning (only one cup per day), eating chia puding with unsweetend almond milk instead of kefir and avoiding legumes and peanuts. Meaning that first challenge helped me with some positive changes in my eating habits. Second challenge was easier due to the timing. Lots of seasonal veggies, berries and water melon on the local marketplace so i ate lots of salads with tuna, salmon, eggs or grilled meat and had less cooking than the first time. The difference was that i couldn't work out in the same path as the first time due to my rehab after the spine surgery. Challenge also helped me to focus on some other things beside pain I was feeling and physical therapy I was attending. Measurements: weight: 65kg/62kg Neck: 33cm/32cm Waist: 74cm/71cm hip: 98cm/96cm I had no keto flu, had no food dreams but my sleep improved. I started to wake up one hour later and was rested. Energy level was constant all the time, my digestion improved in term of regularity, my apetite decreased and my skin looks radiant. I missed cheese the most so that is the first thing I'll introduce and hopefully I'll have no reaction. Very important to mention for both challenges is that your support was crucial, your posts were very interesting, educational and I learn new things about myself.....

– Irena

This picture testimonial shows a girl who gained 3 pounds over the course of the Challenge!

....Throw your stupid weight scale away and try Paleo!!

...I still didn't really believe that paleo could change my health. But I was curious and that curiosity kept me going. So about 20 days into the challenge I began to notice some changes about the way my body was feeling. Since I was two years old I had suffered from a severe case of constipation. Sometimes I would get stomachaches strong enough to keep me from standing up. No matter what I ate or what I did, it wouldn't get better. I went to several doctors but none of them found out what was wrong with me. They gave me prescriptions (and I had to take lots and lots of those to actually do anything against my condition – I always had a 3 month supply at home) and I figured I would just have to live with the pain or stuff my face with pills. During the challenge I had stopped taking the medicine and I was convinced the aches would be back. But they stayed gone. I was actually pain-free without taking anything! I would never have to worry about bringing enough pills when travelling. It was the first time in my life I realized, that prescriptions weren't always the best solution. And today I'm convinced that the right food is the medication of the future! When this realization hit me, I knew that I would never give up on paleo again. I told my mum about it and she (finally!) started to support my paleo craziness. On the 25th day of my challenge I injured myself and ended up in the hospital for about five days. It would have been easy to just let go and start eating what they served up (which actually looked really good to me!). But I had finally found a way to keep the pain away! A way to live without prescriptions! I couldn't bear the thought of those 25 days having been for nothing. So I asked my mum to bring me a supply of cooked eggs, dried fruit, nuts, avocados and small tomatoes to get me through those days. I terrorized the hospitals catering-people (I'm absolutely positive that they had a party after I was gone...) and had them bring me the meal plan for the week and told them what components of those meals I couldn't (well...wouldn't ;)) eat....After this first challenge I decided to stay paleo but reintroduced milk and dairy in general. I noticed that it didn't hurt me and that I tolerated it really well....

– V. L.

...Sport stand für mich bei dieser Challenge nicht im Fokus. Mir ging es darum, mich buchstäblich wieder gut in meiner Haut zu fühlen, schade dass ich keine Bilder von meiner Haut gemacht habe. Dort war der vorher-nachher Vergleich wirklich enorm, was einen großen Einfluss auf mein Selbstbewusstsein hat. Darüber hinaus gab es weitere positive Effekte: Gewichtsreduktion, verbesserter Darmhaushalt und gute Laune. Der Grundstein für einen bewussteren Lifestyle ist gelegt und den letzten Pfunden der Kampf angesagt. Letztlich fühle ich mich nach der Challenge physisch als auch mental besser. Ich würde sogar sagen, dass ich glücklicher bin. An dieser Stelle möchte ich mich ganz HERZLICH bei Ginger für ihren täglichen Support bedanken. Es ist viel einfacher eine solche Herausforderung durchzustehen, wenn man einen solchen Mentor an seiner Seite weiß! Danke....

-  L. P.

Ich kann jedem Menschen, egal mit welchen Ausgangsgewicht, sportlicher Verfassung oder Statur diese Form der Ernährung nur ans Herz legen. Vor allem aber die ersten strikten 30 Tage. Sind wir mal ehrlich, wer es nicht selbst probiert hat (ja, es sind nur 30 Tage, stell dich nicht so an!) kann auch und sollte auch absolut nicht mitreden. Die Vorteile während und am Ende der 30 Tage überwiegen jegliche Nachteile, Vorurteile, Gewohnheiten die man glaubt zu kennen. Ich kann aus eigener Erfahrung versichern: absolut jeder Mensch wird bei dieser Ernährungsumstellung (nein, keine Diät mit JoJo Effekt) etwas positives für sich gewinnen. Also, warum es nicht einfach mal probieren und neugierig sein? Mein Dank geht an Daniel für die Organisation und an Ginger, mit ihrer unermüdlichen Art, jeder noch so kleinen Unklarheit immer Rede und Antwort zu stehen. Noch in der ersten Challenge hat Sie uns eine Präsentation und Einführung zum Thema Paleo gegeben und dabei ist mir ein Zitat im Kopf hängen geblieben, welches sich nun für mich bewahrheitet hat:

“If you are training [CrossFit], you’ve only got one oar in the water if you aren’t talking about nutrition.” – Greg Glassman, 2010

-- E. P. 

..I really enjoyed the support Ginger's daily posts offered me. I started to eat a lot more veggies and reduced my meat consumption a bit (to make space for some rucola on my plate!). I loved that all the other “fellow-paleo-rcfn-members” shared pictures of their breakfast, lunch and dinner. It really helped me reform my way of thinking about food in general and I became a lot more creative with my meals in the past month. I even started to cook 3-course menus for my friends and I really enjoyed planning those dinners and convincing my friends that paleo could be delicious! And they had to admit that they didn't even miss bread, pasta or flavor enhancers. One of them was surprised that paleo food could be “so filling” and couldn't believe that there was nothing more in my ice-cream than frozen raspberries, a banana, ground vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I realized that it's not about how many ingredients you put into a dish. I'd rather cook with very few, high quality ingredients and make those count. No more replacing bread or sweets with paleofied versions. And that realization was followed by fat loss...But the numbers on the scale are going down slowly. Considering the positive effects this challenge's had on the way my body feels, my sleep quality and my way of thinking about food (it is hard to believe how good and intense the simplest things can taste!) I don't even care about that anymore. Paleo has changed my life. It's as simple as that. And that is everything that counts. Now I know how good my body is designed to feel and I can't believe that there are people out there not even willing to try this way of life for 30 days! I mean what are 30 days compared to the rest of your life, right? I wish I had found this way of life a lot earlier. I am so grateful to you Ginger and to the whole RCFN-family for their support and I have to admit I really miss those daily posts!

– V. L.

Rückblick: In den Jahren 2012 bis 2014 lebte ich in Moskau und machte meine Erfahrungen mit dem russischen Winter (+12kg). Ich entschied mich mit CrossFit zu beginnen. Ehrlich, das änderte alles, denn gepaart mit Einkaufen am lokalen Gemüse- & Fleischmarkt und ‚frisch gekocht ist halb gewonnen’ purzelten die Kilos! Meine Motivation bei der Challenge (30 Tage – Eat Clean) teilzunehmen ist einfach erklärt: ich wollte beweisen, dass PALEO funktioniert und, dass die Ernährungsweise bei weitem nicht so ungesund ist wie von vielen Ernährungsberatern- und Coaches postuliert. – Deswegen habe ich täglich Puls, Blutdruck und Gewicht gemessen. Es versteht sich von selbst, dass je länger die Challenge dauerte sich meine Puls-, Blutdruck- und Gewichts-Werte wesentlich verbesserten und meine Leistungsfähigkeit massiv anstieg. Am letzten Tag der Challenge hatte ich ein Gewicht von 60,5kg mit einem Blutdruck von 106/69 und einen Ruhepuls von 48S/min – und verbesserte damit beim Benchmark Workout meinen persönlichen Rekord um ganze 31 Sekunden..

– B. M.

For several years now I am doing the same game. In the first half of the year, I'll cut those unnecessary kilos off and get my body into competition by the end of spring; and in the second half I reap the fruits of success and unfortunately rebuild the unnecessary mass ;-( Therefore, at the beginning of the Paleo Challenge I was quite confident that the desired effect would occur. What then happened with this consistent Paleo diet, and again specified by the tightened, but plausible, guidelines of the RCFN Nutrition Challenge, was quite astonishing. Never before have I reduced so many kilograms (-5kg) in such a short time (30 days) with very moderate sport (2x the week Crossfit and another endurance unit), but at the same time increased my fitness & energy level: baseline workout around 40s improved. I can only say - Paleo diet works, even if you're traveling a lot like me. OK, I have to admit that I did not always know in detail what fat / oil was cooked on-site in the restaurant ☺"☺"☺ , but alone my targeted selection and composition of the food, in conjunction with omission of alcohol and a reasonable sleep habits ( on average increased from 6h to 8h) I have achieved a groundbreaking success for me! And the beer, which I indulged in the day after the end of the Challenge (albeit alcohol-free), had a surprisingly boring taste ... Hmm why did I find that earlier than refreshing ... ??? However, in the grocery store, I now need 15min longer, as I now regularly wonder about the useless ingredients according to the packaging texts, and respect the variety in the vegetable corner. Honestly, 30 days ago I did not even know how Celery, Fennel, Avocado & Co look ... now I'm spoiled for choice ... life has become more complicated, but definitely more exciting and tasteful. For my part, I will continue this nutritional journey - because I realized that I can sustainably improve my quality of life without spending more money (because what I invest in more quality, I save myself by omitting unnecessary ingredients) - me I also wonder regularly who needs this variety of unhealthy food in the supermarket at all?

-- C. M. 

After the hardest couple of days last week I am so glad I didn’t drop out. Since then, I’m over it. My body feels better than ever and I am not feeling any of the symptoms that can be connected to unhappy guts. I can happily state that I have never felt so in balance with my guts ever.....I came to optimize my diet for a while and planned to go back to my eating routine after that. I’m leaving with the goal to change my diet for good. On a side note, since the Challenge, my knee has been recovering well....my lower back issues have improved. I recover faster. The sore muscles in my lower back don’t cause the usual tension anymore. They seem to be able to relax and recover, even after workouts where it usually takes weeks for my back to let go of that tension and to recover. I also accomplished the first toes-to-bar last week, and I had a near-strict-pullup experience right before the WOD gave me my near-death experience this morning....

-- R. G.

Hier sind ein paar der positiven Effekte die ich dennoch gespürt habe:

Ich fühlte mich den ganzen Tag über immer fit, ich war auf einem konstanten Energielevel. Die Müdigkeit zum Nachmittag hin war garnichtmehr vorhanden. Der Heißhunger auf etwas zu Essen, Zucker oder Kohlehydrate war auch nichtmehr präsent. Ich hatte das Gefühl, dass ich im Allgemeinen weniger esse ohne wirklich Hunger zu haben.

Ich fühlte mich weniger aufgebläht und die Verdaaung im allgemeinen wirkte „besser“ und „regulierter“

Meine Haut wurde besser (keine Pickel, rauhe Stellen, etc.), weicher, unfettiger.

Irgendwie hab ich auch das Gefühl dass einzelne Muskeln definierter aussehen, aber vielleicht ist das auch nur die Einbildung, weil man sich allgemein besser vorkommt und fühlt.

Ich werde weiterhin 80/20 Paleo essen und versuche Kohlenhydrate zu vermeiden bzw. zu minimieren. (Außer der Heißhunger packt mich mal, dann ist das Verhältnis eher 20/80). Ich denke Paleo hilft mir und tut meinem Stoffwechsel gut und hilft mir vor allem die noch vorhanden Fettreserven loszuwerden! Die Zahlen sprechen hier für sich…

Während dieser 30 Tage ist es mir aber ein wenig schwerer gefallen die Motivation zu finden, das wirklich strikt durchzuhalten und Abwechslung in das Essen zu bekommen. Aber ich denke ein Großteil ist hier auch dem Arbeiten im Schichtdienst mit sehr durcheinandergewürfelten Diensten in diesem Monat geschuldet.

Trotzdem habe ich es durchgezogen und nicht gecheated! Yes!

Hier wird man allerdings in gewissen Maße auch „gezwungen“ sich mit dem Essen zu beschäftigen und auseinanderzusetzen, es zu planen und vielleicht auch schonmal am Tag vorher vorzubereiten. Ich musste mir oft die Frage stellen: Was esse ich morgen, wie bereite ich das zu und wie kann ich das so transportieren, damit ich das vernünftig auf der Rettungswache essen kann?

Zusammenfassend kann man sagen: Ich fühle mich super! Ich fühle mich klasse! Und ich bewundere die Veränderungen an meinem Körper seitdem ich meine Ernährung umgestellt habe!

Dankeschön hierfür Paleo 

-- D. W.

All of the remaining testimonials were recovered using the Internet's "Wayback Machine" due to the fact we lost our first Website Provider

Die Paleo Challenge war für mich zum größten Teil ein voller Erfolg. Ich habe 5kg an Gewicht und 2,5% Körperfett verloren. Zudem sind meine Blutwerte im idealen Bereich. Ich habe während der 30 Tage auf folgendes verzichtet: Zucker, Milchprodukte, Weizenprodukte, Koffein und alles was die Paleo Challenge vorschreibt. Alkohol konnte ich bis auf 3 Tage Rotwein auch komplett abstellen. Dank der Challenge esse ich nun viel bewusster und zudem auch weniger (vor allem Kohlenhydrate), da ich nun weiß was mein Körper zum satt werden braucht und worauf ich einfach verzichten kann. Ich bin mir auch sicher, ich hätte während dieser Zeit mehr an Gewicht verloren und an Muskeln aufgebaut, aber dazwischen kam eine Erkältung und somit musste ich 2,5 Wochen mit CrossFit pausieren. Ich kann jedem nur raten die Paleo Challenge “30 Tage” zu starten und an sich selbst auszuprobieren. Der “Reset” des Körpers ist einfach unbeschreiblich und die Resultate sind eine sehr gute Basis die Paleo Ernährungsart nicht nur als eine einmalige Diät sondern als eine freiwillige Ernährungsumstellung anzusehen.

I want to thank you that you showed us the Paleo-Lifestyle. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I thought it would be tough to avoid grains, sugar and especially dairy. Nowadays it is just normal to eat bread for breakfast or pasta/rice for lunch and dinner or consume some dairy. So I accepted the challenge to be ‘different’ than others and live 30 days healthy....

The paleo challenge was a great experience. The results are amazing, I feel better and stronger, I have the impression I need less sleep and less recovery time and it totally changed my organizational habits for my day. The challenge forced me to introduce a food-plan that I used to plan all meals for one week ahead of time. This made it possible to organize shopping and cooking. I prepared breakfast the night before and made dinners in a amount and way that could easily be changed and so used for lunch at work the next day. So I needed less time and avoided to have to throw away lots of food. While organizing food I started to organize other things like preparing my sports bag for next day and such simple things. I had never done this before but actually it’s hardly an effort and it has given me some extra time in the morning...

Before the paleo challenge began, i was very lethargic, had not alot of energy and was overweight. Once the challege began i did find it difficult to begin with, i missed sugar and coffee, had headaches and mood swings. The only down side for the month was that i couldnt get my sleep quite right. The results i was pleased with loosing 7 pounds, I am more awake and alert, have no problem spending the whole day without needing a nap. My body shape has changed and i am more toned and more body confident than i have been in a long time....

At first I did not want to go paleo because I thought the rules would be to strict for me. But I decided to give it a try – it’s just 30 days, right? My main goal during this challenge was not to loose weight due to calorie restriction,or a super low carb diet but to learn how to cook meals out of real food. I stocked up on some new basic kitchen equipment (like a immersion blender for soups and purees) as well as spices and tons of veggies. As far as health benefits go I had more energy, especially in the morning. I felt less bloated without carbs – which used to be a big issue most days. So thanks a lot for doing this challenge and sharing all the information. It was great to do it in a group with all the others.

My body is in a great shape and I feel really good. Life’s just better, I think. My friends had accepted my ‘fasting cure‘. Even if they keep thinking that I’m a little bit crazy. I’m in a good mood and less stressed...

I already noticed the first days that i don’t fall asleep in the office after lunch :). So after 2 weeks we had great recipes and realized that “hey that’s fun” and “dammit, this can be also yummi!” I had my first beer already in the box after the baseline (after the challenge was over). I had no problem with it :). But later at the evening i had a Brezel and the next hours were bad! I was blowed up and i couldn’t eat anything until the following day 10 am. Also tried milk since then and it seems to be ok for me. I lost in the 30 days 11 kg, 5% bodyfat…,so i will go on with the Paleo lifestyle, but not strict like in the last month. I go on 80-85% and will have cheese, beer or a bratwurst… time by time.....

I've had my blood tested prior and again after the 30 days and my blood sugar dropped from 133 mg/dl down to 78 mg/dl ---wohoo! I feel a lot better, I certainly perform better and gained more strength. This challenge has helped overcome my milk and joghurt addiction and I finally figured out why I was gassy and bloated all the time. And thanks to Paleo my digestion is a lot better than before...

Here’s what I noticed: Better hair, better skin, my stomach isn’t inflated anymore. I slept quite good the first 2 weeks, but after that not so good – maybe caused by the moon or overtraining. I think I am a bit lactose intolerant so I will stay away from dairy for a while to figure it out.....

I am surprised at how quickly the four weeks have gone by and how easy it was to get used to a paleo diet: no counting, no hunger, great meals. I dropped some body fat (a full pant size), my cholesterol stayed good and my blood sugar level is way down, which, considering both parents´ pre-diabetes, is a great thing. My performance improved a little bit. In general, definitely convincing!

I am definitely planning to stay on the bandwagon rather than go back to my old ways! I´m even going to extend the challenge (just for myself) to a second 30 days....

After the first week or so, i did not notice any changes from my body, but i did feel a lot of energy changes. For instance, I was waking up earlier and with more energy. My stamina was improving with every WOD, and so was my strength. Now I am able to complete some WOD’s with extra seconds to spare. After the first 2 weeks of torture, your body stops craving things like milk, cheese and bread. I did however have a cheat weekend that included a slice of pizza and a beer. But it was actually a good idea to do this because my body no longer craves the taste for these foods...

My cravings for sweets (chocolate) and soft drinks (especially the sugar-free RedBull and Coke) were huge the first 8 days. I just thought I can’t make it without it. But every day I got up earlier and felt better the whole day. The typical tiredness in the afternoon after lunch was almost gone by the end of the 1st week. By the end of the second week, I felt really good and my skin started to get better. My cravings were almost gone. By the end of week 3, I got some routine with shopping and cooking Paleo. It did not have to use so much time for all. To live Paleo can be easy if you are managing it right and get used to it.

Before and after the Paleo-Challenge we had our Baseline-WOD: I improved from 5:14min to 4:19 min, which I would have never expected. All you think at first: ‘You eat no Carbohydrates from Bread, Pasta etc. You will be weak!’ But that is the perfect example, that Paleo works! For strength, for your shape, for health and especially for your mind....

World Class Fitness starts with Nutrition: Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat....

                                                                - Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit


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