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It has been absolutely our honor to coach athletes of all shapes, ages, sizes, and abilities since 2012

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The following testimonials were written about us in our earliest days coaching.....  most of these guys have left our Box, but they never left our Family!

Andres D’Alessandro saying "I love doing CrossFit" is really an understatement, but its the best I can do. Every time I think I’m starting to get the hang of it, something gets thrown my way. I find myself pushing myself to get to that next level. I’ve NEVER been a morning person and now I find myself waking up at 0600 3-4 times a week just do my WOD. Half the time it’s because I really want to go and “workout”, but all the time its because I really enjoy the people that I “workout” with and I’ve made some amazing new friends.

I have no doubt that a big part of why all this happens is because Drake, Ginger and Justin love what they do and they enjoy working with people. It’s great to have someone support you and push you at the same time. Anyone who is doubting should just give it go.. You won’t be disappointed.

– Andres D'Alessandro

Every athlete deserves a great coach. Drake and Ginger deliver elite coaching to meet your specific fitness demands . Drake and Ginger’s enthusiasm, knowledge, experience and dedication to functional movements will enable you to meet and surpass your physical fitness goals.

– Cristina McFarland

They are not only amazing coaches, they are wonderful friends truly committed to improving their clients’ health (and we really miss our weekend family workouts) . RCFN will be in much demand with Drake and Ginger at the helm.

CrossFit changed my life. I have lost 4 inches off my waist and I’m keeping it off. Sure the WODS kick my butt most of the time but I feel good afterwards. Drake and Ginger, you guys are the best, and with the personal time you guys devote to individually assisting us and helping us do the proper technique, your knowledge is paramount!!!

– Branden De Sersa

I like doing sports – but in the past a lot of different kind of sports had been boring to me after a while. With CrossFit it´s totally different: Every time I get to the “gym” I am curious what will happen on that day. The other great thing: you are never alone – there is always other people training with you; and this happens not in a competition: this is about how to help each other to get better. You get cheered to push yourself to your own limit.

Since I do CrossFit I feel really fit & happy!

– Silja Fröhlich

Bevor ich zu crossfit kam, betrieb ich schon ca 7 Jahre intensiven Kraftsport und ging regelmäßig joggen. Die Zeiten, die ich im Fitnessstudio verbrachte wurden immer länger und ich sah immer weniger Erfolg. Ich steckte auf einem Plateau fest. Bis ich eines Tages von Crossfit hörte......


– Sunny Bradley

.......Ich wollte es zuerst nicht ausprobieren, da ich mir nicht vorstellen konnte, wie kurze Workouts von 10 Minuten mir etwas bringen sollten. Mir fehlte aber der Trainingserfolg und ein Workout, bei dem ich mal wieder so richtig platt war. Also ging ich in das neue Crossfit gym in Nürnberg und bat um Hilfe.

Mein erstes WOD brachte mich an den Rand meiner Leistungsgrenze und ich hatte das Gefühl noch nie in meinem leben Sport gemacht zu haben! Seit diesem Tag hab ich kein reguläres gym mehr betreten und ich liebe Crossfit! Es hat mir den lang ersehnten weiteren Trainingserfolg gegeben. Ich steigere mich immer weiter und es macht riesen Spaß! Vor allem die Community ist klasse und es ist bei uns wie in einer großen Familie!

– Sunny Bradley

Mit etwas Skepsis habe ich mich im Juli auf Drake eingelassen…konnte kurz darauf den Urbanathlon laufen und die 1. Trainingseinheiten im Footballverein (Altersdurchschnitt 22 Jahre…argh) mithalten..

Danke Drake, ich hoffe ich sehe Dich im Mai an der Sideline!

….If you can do 1, you can do a thousand, hahahahaha!

– Stephan Drescher

I started CrossFit with Drake and Justin when they were still training out of the Concept Hall at Reebok in Herzo and I was there when the box opened. Back then I couldn’t do 1 push-up and now I rock them! and I love to lift heavy!

Drake, Ginger, Justin and Heather run THE box with the BIGGEST heart!

No matter who you are, where you are from and when you come you are always welcomed with open arms. RCFN will always be my home box no matter where in the world I live!! Thanks, for sharing your passion with me, without you I wouldn’t have CrossFit!!

– Nanna Jensen

My CrossFit journey started in February of 2012. I had moved to Germany in September of 2011 for work, and was having a tough time over there. I didn’t know anyone in the small Bavarian town that was now “home”, a situation made more difficult by the fact that I was having an impossible time learning the language. After about 4 or 5 months I still hadn’t made any friends outside of work and really was not enjoying my time in Germany. Home sickness was becoming a constant feeling and I had fallen pretty far into depression.

Searching for something to help me keep busy, I started to look into gyms I could join. In the past I had always struggled with the gym, as I was the guy who made excuses to not push myself all that hard, such as: “Oh that machine is busy” or “I’m just not feeling it today”. Whatever the excuse, the gym had never been a place that motivated or inspired me, and the lack of results was the proof. I started to do some internet research on alternatives to the traditional gym and quickly found a lot of literature on CrossFit. It seemed intriguing, but what were the chances that this seemingly California style fitness phenomena would be present a world away in Bavaria? But to my surprise, after a brief Google and Facebook search, I found RCFN.

I wrote a quick email to one of the owners and was quickly informed that not only did CrossFit exist in Bavaria, it was already operating in a temporary location in Reebok’s offices not far away. So I thought, “what the hell…let’s give this a shot!” My first WOD … I’m laughing to myself as I write this … was something they called death by burpees. 10 RFT of 10 burpees and 10 ring dips. What the hell is an ‘RFT’ and what the @#!$ is that thing they just demoed called a ‘burpee’??!!

I scaled that first WOD and did the dips between two boxes. But I finished. And despite the fact that I couldn’t even raise my arms to type the next day, I was hooked. And so when Drake Sladky and Justin Sprague finally opened RCFN’s new location I quickly became a regular.

The coaching was amazing. Every WOD, every movement, every stretch was done under their watchful eyes. And they would not hesitate to correct you in whatever way they thought you needed to be corrected. Get your shoulders back; lock your core; or my favorite, Drake’s “pick that @$%! up and keep moving Trevor”. The mix of encouragement and competition was the kick in the ass I needed. I had finally found the motivation and inspiration to become fit. Words like WOD, AMRAP, SDHP, T2B and RFT all became part of my regular vocabulary. I started idealizing people like Froning and Spealler and had school boy crushes on girls like Camille and Perez. I was drinking the CrossFit cult Kool-Aid like no other. Paleo Kool-Aid of course. What really made this something worth buying into were the people at RCFN. The friends I made there changed my life. They not only became the close friends I didn’t have yet in Germany, but they became an extended family. Drake and Justin are not only amazing coaches, but men among men. If a WOD would beat me up, they’d be the first to offer a beer as reward. Memories of the BBQs in RCFNs parking lot or at Basti’s house are some of my fondest from my time in Germany. The only regret I have is that I didn’t find RCFN earlier.

Unfortunately, by the time I found RCFN I had already reached my tipping point, deciding it was time for me to head back to Canada. Perhaps if I had found the RCFN family on day one I would still be there.When I eventually returned to Toronto I almost had a panic attack. Would I be able to find a Box like RCFN? I did a lot of research and dropped by a couple, but pretty quickly found a Box about 10 minutes from my office in Mississauga. Square One CrossFit (“S1CF”) it was.

This was the place that would be my new CrossFit family. From the first second I walked in the door I found amazing people and amazing coaches. It wasn’t just a fluke over at RCFN. This was CrossFit. Amazing people exist in every Box, it just takes a little effort to find what works best for you. 

...I’ll likely never be the first to finish a WOD, and sometimes when the weight is heavy I’ll be the slowest guy out there. But CrossFit has changed my life. I hope to still be well into old age, gasping for air; star fished on the ground post WOD. Good luck to all in the Open this year, and thank you to everyone that I’ve met through CrossFit for changing my life!

– Trevor Grant

Drake and Ginger had an incredible presence at their last affiliate, Landstuhl CrossFit. I got the courage to show up to a training session as the gym opened. Drake started the gym from scratch due to his love for CrossFit and it was quickly obvious the Sladky’s have always been passionate about fitness and healthy lifestyles. CrossFit opened up my world to something that I really needed. As a four year college soccer athlete, it helped fill a void that was left after I graduated and started working. 

Drake and Ginger took an interest in improving all of us. There is something special when young people are waking up extra early before work or showing up after a long day of work. The community feeling came pretty quickly as Drake ran the gym, was primary trainer, and kept everyone coming back for more every day. Ginger came and coached when she could initially, and stayed involved by keeping up our website. I appreciated the posts and resources on nutrition! The Sladky’s are missed for sure (here in Landstuhl, Germany) but we all know they are doing what they love. I have since moved back to the states and made sure there was a CrossFit in my town. I am hooked. It is too bad I cannot drive over for a WOD at Nürnberg! Thank you, Drake and Ginger!

– Laura Gibbons

I first got started with CrossFit at Landstuhl in Germany where I am currently stationed with the Army. I was a little hesitant at first because I had never lifted or done a regular exercise program previously but thanks to 1SG Sladky and his wife Ginger, it became less intimidating with all their help and encouragement. Ever since then, I haven’t looked back and have kept up with it. Over a year later, I am still crossfitting and have even competed in the Afghan CrossFit Games here in Kandahar! Crossfit has definitely become a part of my life and taught me I am capable of physically doing things I never thought possible.

– Lauren Hansen

I had the privilage of working out with Drake at O dark thirty while stationed at LRMC. It was the best workouts I have ever been put through. He challenged me, pushed me and encouraged me. I dropped 4" off my waist, performed one of my best PRT (Navy Physical Training test) scores and am in the best shape of my life since 18 (40+ now). I highly encourage anyone to take advantage of the training and education that Drake and Ginger can provide.

– Senior Chief Petty Officer Martin, USN


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