Our Story

Drake was born in Chicago, Illinois and joined the US Army when he was 18 years old. Ginger was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Drake met Ginger on the beach on the North Shore of Hawaii and they shared fitness as a common interest, competing in local fitness competitions together as well as more challenging feats of endurance like Ironman and Ultramarathon run- and bike-courses. Neither Drake nor Ginger had much interest in strength training. Both firmly believed and enthusiastically propagated the jargon that cardio was the only way to fitness.

After Drake was introduced to CrossFit during his 2004 deployment in Afghanistan by a friend with Special Forces, he was sold by its speed in strength and conditioning development, regardless of the starting point and background of an athlete. He was alarmed by the fact his soldiers were dangerously deficient in functional strength (their ability to move large loads over long distances quickly), which was an absolute criticality given their location and line of work. Drake vigorously applied CrossFit’s physical fitness methodologies to the daily training of medics he managed who were responsible for supporting paratroopers of the 173d Airborne Brigade.

The difference in fitness levels grew astonishing between Drake’s soldiers and others in the Brigade. Since that time, Drake administered CrossFit workouts to all who fell under his supervision during physical training. He has no doubt, and actual confirmation from numerous first-hand reports, that this training methodology resulted in a significant number of lives saved.

Ginger decided to try CrossFit during Drake’s second 15-month deployment to Afghanistan, 4 weeks following the birth of their first son. She was relieved to find such an effective regimen which she could scale to her ability as well as squeeze into tiny minutes of free time during their son’s naps, using the limited amount of weight equipment they had at home. CrossFit also supplied a completely unexpected fringe-benefit: Drake and Ginger believe that completing and comparing CrossFit daily workouts “together” helped them stay closer and connected during the long deployment. For Ginger (and Drake especially), the variety in CrossFit programming provided welcome relief to monotonies of daily life.

Drake and Ginger founded CrossFit Landstuhl in December of 2009 and successfully ran the non-profit affiliate in their free time until June of 2011. Drake retired in August 2011 from the U.S. Army so that he and Ginger could open Reebok Crossfit Nurenburg (RCFN).

After hours of endurance training and racing, Drake and Ginger found that the safest, the quickest, and the most reliable route to fitness and good health is using the CrossFit methodology. They are very passionate about assisting others through their own personal CrossFit journeys, and to independence through strength by virtue of the same paradigm. CrossFit is not just a workout – it is a way of life. Drake and Ginger’s primary goals are to help RCFN members once again experience simple joy in sport, and to show them that time saved can be used to enjoy life, friends, and family. They couldn’t be happier nor feel any luckier about living and coaching CrossFit in Germany!


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