Riginal CrossFit Nürnberg

Best Facility, Best Coaches, Best Prices!

No Contracts!

Unlike regular gyms and other CrossFit Boxes in the the area we do not have contracts. That means you can start and stop your membership whenever you wish with a simple e-mail. We actually want nothing to do with the typical Fitness Studio contract system where we benefit from your absense.  So making you fitter each month is not only a matter of pride to us; we also know your membership is riding on it.

Go ahead - make our community richer & our family bigger - come to RCFN and train!


30 Days for €50 - This is a one time offer for you while you get started. If we are your first CrossFit experience, you will use these 30 days to attend our 6 "On-Ramp" courses to learn CrossFit fundamentals. On-Ramp courses are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays, and switch back and forth between 6:30-7:30 mornings and evenings. Choose a time period in our schedule where you can sign up for all 6 within the same month, with a couple days to also try out our "Normal" WOD courses. Once you finish the month, you can decide if you want to become part of the RCFN family with a monthly membership.

Personal training - You have the option of completing all your On-Ramp courses with a personal instructor who will charge you €50 per hour (with discounts for groups). You can expect this training for all 6 On-Ramp courses to last over 2 hours, so many people break this up into two sessions.  Please send us an email if you are interested, and we will schedule a mutually convenient time, and pair you with one of our CrossFit instructors.  At the conclusion of your training, you may still take advantage of our 30 Days for €50 offer, and are welcome to attend any regular WOD on our schedule during this trial period.

2/week membership - This membership allows you to train up to 8 times in the 30 day period and costs €105

3/week membership - This membership allows you to train up to 12 times in a 30 day period and costs €115

Unlimited Membership - This membership allows you to train at RCFN as often and as long as you want in the 30 day period and costs €135

Drop-In Fee - €20 for a regular WOD. We do not allow non-members to use our "Open Gym" times or to drop in on Thursdays.

Oly Class and ALL Specialty Classes - These classes are only for regiular members that have been with RCFN for longer than three months!


+49 (0)911 321 67750 info@rcfn-training.com