Meet Nico, motivating, "all out" and always in for a beer and a bang!

How I met Crossfit...

I found out about CrossFit in a normal Gym and started reading about it, the WODs and the principles of CrossFit and fell in love... I started training CF in 2013 and I am a coach since 2017! 

My motivation for coaching...

...is to help people get better at every movement and motivate them to always give their very best... without getting injured. 

When I don't do CrossFit I...

...work as a Software Architect at Siemens Healthineers, spend time with my little girl, meet friends, mountainbike and have the occasional beer or 5 :)

Licenses & Certificates

CrossFit Level 1

Weightlifting Level 1

The Gymnastics Course

Favorite Exercise

Double Unders / Burpees / Dumbell Snatches 
Muscle Ups & Echobike 

Least Favorite Excercise

(Front) Squats / Thrusters / Deadlifts / Running / HSPU

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