Mother, Wife and Kick-ass Coach!


  • University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (02/2008), Degree in Master of Arts in Pedagogy
  • University of Applied Science Nürnberg (03/2004), Degree in Social Work


Sport is a big part of my life. My sport journey began with running – I loved it. I run kilometers after kilometers just for fun. But it wasn´t enough. After several years of running I started to climb rocks. Besides lead climbing, I was bouldering at our local Frankenjura and across Europe. Besides rock climbing, I took my mountainbike to enjoy the up and downs of the Alps. Unfortunatly my job took a lot of my sparetime and I couldn´t do all those nice things that I loved so much and that helped me to stay fit anymore. That forced me to open my eyes for something new and CrossFit was what I found. In December 2012 I did my first workout at RCFN and I recognized my sport journey would go on. Joining the workouts and having fun was one thing. But CrossFit as the Sport of Fitness facinated me pretty much and so I wanted to know more about CrossFit, health and fitness in common. This was the motivation to get the Level 1 and to help others to develop their health and fitness.


  • 04/2019 CrossFit Gymnastics
  • 01/2018 CrossFit Trainer Kids
  • 07/2017 CrossFit Level 1

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